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Official State Inspection Station

Keeping You and Your Passengers Safe–Village Tire & Auto Repair

Thorough Inspections and Repair Services

One responsible vehicle owner makes everyone on the road safer. Because every properly inspected vehicle makes the highways safer for drivers and their passengers. Village Tire & Auto Repair is an authorized inspection station for all Pennsylvania motorists. Drivers bring their vehicles to us on an annual basis in order to get them road-ready. The PA Department of Transportation requires that every vehicle registered in this state to pass inspection. Before you take that pre-owned vehicle out on the road, let us make sure it’s legit. It needs to be registered to be legally driven, and it needs to be inspected to be registered. Choosing our Village Tire & Auto Repair as your inspection station will be the wisest decision you make that day. You can come to our facility with confidence, knowing that you’ll be leaving with a “passed” vehicle.

Time For an Inspection?–Make Sure You Pass!

Regardless of your inspection’s test results, we can perform any repairs that are needed. That’s why we’re a preferred inspection station. Owners can trust us to provide a thorough inspection and fix anything we find that’s malfunctioning. If any component is putting you, your fellow passengers, and other motorists at risk, then we’ll make sure it is corrected. This includes your vehicle’s braking system, steering, suspension, fuel systems, wipers, electrical systems, and much more. Your vehicle’s exhaust system is also checked to make sure it’s meeting the Pennsylvania standards. Generally speaking, the older your vehicle is, the more susceptible it’ll be too harmful emissions. We’ll perform any exhaust system repairs to get your vehicle up to the Pennsylvania standard. We’re your one-stop shop for thorough inspections and quality repair services.

Schedule Your State Inspection Today!

State inspections are something we associate with making our vehicles safe and legal. Most people seem to focus more on making their vehicles “Legal” and not enough on making them “SAFE”. Here at Village Tire & Auto Repair, there is no need to wait for your registration. You can always bring your vehicle to us for an Inspection. We will address any of your questions or concerns about your vehicle’s safety. Our state inspection services are always here for Pennsylvania drivers. Give us a call today at (215) 368-2343 to schedule your vehicle’s state inspection. Save yourself some time by using our convenient online scheduling system. Pick a day and time that works for you, and we’ll meet you here!